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Tired of sore shoulders & back pain after carrying your camera bag?

Me too, that's why I created Alotech.
I wanted to bring something new and unique to the photography world, because let’s face it, the last thing we need is yet another
uncomfortable camera bag, designed with cost savings in mind.  

See for yourself what makes Alotech different:

  • Why most camera bags cause you to experience sharp shoulder pain and chronic back pain whether your walking in the airport or in the field
  • The real reason your experience an elevated amount of back sweat
  • How a bag can act as your assistant by giving you instant access in under a second to any battery, memory card, teleconverter, camera, and lens without any annoying adapter plates
  • How Alotech is making a product unlike anything on the market... and we can prove it
  • All backed by our signature Rough Country Lifetime Warranty
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These all-in-one packages unlock the full potential of the ELEV 5800' backpack and Arca-Swiss holsters to give you best-in-class comfort combined with unrivaled instant access to any camera, lens, teleconverter, battery, and memory card.



  • ELEV 5800' Backpack
  • Arca-Swiss Camera Holster
  • Arca-Swiss Lens Holster
  • ELEV 5800' Laptop Compartment


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