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I founded Alotech to create the most comfortable outdoor camera bags that give you immediate access to essential gear in the field, because let's face it, the last thing we need is yet another uncomfortable and poorly designed bag that does not meet the quality standards, you, an outdoor photographer demands.


I hate the poor design, lack of functionality, and the lack of durability of photo bags as much as you.

Over the years, I’ve wasted thousands and thousands of dollars trying nearly every bag on the market in search for comfort and functionality.

I know what it’s like to try bag after bag and still have aching shoulder pain plus a back full of sticky sweat.

I’ve bought stuff from some of the best photo bag companies, only later find out that they are cheaply built, horribly uncomfortable, and lacked the functionality I was searching for.  

Too many bags are cheaply build, are horribly uncomfortable, and don't give you immediate access to gear you need instantly in the field. These bags have failed you because they choose to ignore the most basic backpack design principles in order to grease their profits.


The list of what’s wrong with these camera bags goes on and on.

Well, I think things should be done differently, and that’s why I created Alotech.

I think that you, a photographer, should never have to deal with shoulder pain and a case of nasty back sweat.  

I think you are tired of compromising comfort in order to use a dedicated camera bag.

Was is too much to ask for an outdoor camera bag that met a few simple criteria like...

Unmatched comfort with a lumbar pad that follows the natural curvature of your spine

Instant access to essential gear in the field without having to remove your bag

Padding strategically placed for ventilation

An Interior built from the ground up with dedicated pockets to store a water bladder in a waterproof area, tools, lens and body caps, cleaning equipment, business cards...

Well, I guess so, because nobody was doing it.

And so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do something about the status quo that I hated so much.

Namely, I founded Alotech to created the ultimate outdoor photography backpack with every corner reengineered from the ground up.

My backpack is the most comfortable outdoor photography bag ever created for outdoor photographers by outdoor photographers.

No, I didn't just stop after I created the most comfortable photo bag. After thousands of hours of photographing wildlife, and thinking of ways to improve bag functionality, I shoved as many features into my bag as I possibly could.

And that’s why I don’t just want to sell you your standard camera bag. I want to change the outdoor camera bag industry for the better.

Will you join me?

Alotech was Born in the Backcountry

As a wildlife photographer I was camping for ~1.5 month alone in the Falklands photographing penguins.

I am sure you can attest to this, or maybe I'm just weird, but you think a lot about life when you are relaxing in nature.

Each and every day as I sat on an isolated island next to my tent in the Falklands a Striated Caracara stopped by.

This bird loved to be mischievous. The Caracara was obsessed with making a mess of my solar panels, messing with and pooping on my towels drying, and perching on my tent poles.

I could not outrun this dang bird. This Caracara would even walk/run after me when I left (I know it's hard to believe; just click on the video to see for yourself).

As I was photographing Rockhopper Penguins once I turned my back the Caracara was tugging on my hiking bag.

For some reason this got me thinking about camera bags.

Why was I forced to use a hiking bag? Why did I have to compromise functionality for comfort. Why was I using a bag that wasn't designed for me, a photographer?

On January 20, 2018 Alotech was born.


What Makes Alotech Different from All Other Companies?

Our dedication to you. Yea, yea, I'm sure you have heard this before.

We are not focused on creating the best camera bags for ourselves. We want to create the best camera bags for each and every person in Team Alotech.

How many times have you been wishing that a photographic company would just listen to your ideas, and implement the features you wanted?

I mean, who wants some watered down 20th century product?

We put you at the center our business by giving you, a new member of Team Alotech, a seat on our Team Alotech Design Board.

You get to vote on everything from the colors of our bags to the features that go into each bag. We will always listen you, and we can't wait to hear what new products you want next.

This isn't just words on a website blowing smoke. We have already done this.

We want to thank each and every member that has been sitting on our Team Alotech Design Board for over a year helping us create the products we are currently working on. We would not be here without you.

Hey, I'm Thomas. I'm the Guy With a Crazy Idea

Basically, I am a crazy guy that loves nature. Even if cameras didn't exist I would still be in the backcountry tracking animals, camping, and just relaxing in the outdoors.

When I say I am crazy, well I am crazy.

For example, a recent trip I went on was to the Falkland Islands alone for ~1.5 months.

I lived in a tent on an island surrounded by penguins (I called them my neighbors because they lived in burrows only ~5-10 feet away from me).

I am able to take trips like this because I am a wildlife photographer and I also ran a guiding company called Outback Photo Adventures. I have shot on assignment for many large companies and sell a lot of commercial prints to businesses like hotels.

Here are some of my favorite photos that I have taken: